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AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel

AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel

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    AGV motor steering wheel


    1.27Nm motor steering wheel


    100kg differential wheel

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  • Motor Controller
  • Rated Torque
  • Angle Sensor
    Absolute Encoder
  • Gearbox
    Two-stage Planet
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    Guangzhou, China
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    Packing: Wooden Box
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    25 days
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    L/C, T/T, Western Union
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    1000 Pieces per Month

AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel


AGV Differential Steering Wheel Drive With Damping Supprot Plate Use For Small Turning Diameter 


ZHLUN has developed a highly integrated wheel hub drive that combines all functional elements, such as the wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful electric motor and a brake and electronics, into one all-inclusive solution. This modular and scalable system boasts high performance in a compact design and lets users make adaptations to the load capacity, torque, interfaces, sensor system and control profiles.

A high level of vertical integration in the component production, motor winding and assembly helps achieve short delivery times.

AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel 0




Maximum power density
High radial loads and constantly high acceleration and speed


Long service life
Drive system designed for efficiency with a long-lasting PUR wheel


Low level of maintenance
Components can be replaced individually thanks to the modular design


Intelligent drive system
Plug & Play function and a central parameter check using an optional sensor system


High level of integration
All functional elements housed in a compact space with minimal weight


Comprehensive communication
Comprehensive drive control system as an e-axle thanks to standard interfaces (e.g. CANopen, RS485)


AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel 1

AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel 2


ZHLUN wheel drives systems provide the flexibility to handle a wide variety of demanding speed and weight capacity requirements. The versatility offered by the numerous motor, gearbox and wheel drives combinations allows for custom tailored solutions.

Our motors are designed to meet your requirements, whether that is an AGV application that requires a substantial amount of torque or an ultra-compact outer rotor solution. We offer a diverse line of products that provide a wide variety of speeds, torque ranges, feedback options, connector types and mounting options.

AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel 3

They are used in driverless transport systems (DTS) or “Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)” or shuttles.

And our drives achieve up to 10 m/s (36 km/h), carry several tons or get 1,000 watts out of 4 kg construction weight.

And yes,  now includes a steerable wheel hub drive, and unprecedented route planning and driving performance.


AGV Motor Steering Wheel , 1.27Nm 100kg Differential Wheel 4


The steering wheel is a mechanical structure that integrates the drive motor, steering motor, reducer, etc. The steering wheel has high integration and strong adaptability. With the same servo control system (controller, servo driver), it can quickly install AGV, move robot.


The system adopts the drive motor and steering motor with electromagnetic brake function, which can effectively prevent the platform from moving due to the power failure of the car body, which affects the disassembly and parking of the drum section on the car body platform, thereby improving the stability of the operation. and safety.



The steering wheel is an integrated mechanical structure integrating drive motor, steering motor, planetary reducer, etc. It integrates product, walking, traction and steering functions, and can load and tow heavier goods. It can quickly deploy AGVs, mobile robots, etc. Perfectly meet the application requirements of AGV.

Therefore, steering wheel drive is the development direction of AGV applications. Compared with the traditional AGV trolley differential speed control method, the steering wheel has high integration, strong adaptability, higher precision and faster response when used with the servo system.