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8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel

8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel

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    8 inch AC Motor Drive Wheel


    Omni AC Motor Drive Wheel


    8 inch omni directional wheel

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    Incremental Encoder
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    Bearing, Motor, Gearbox
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8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel


Payload 1000kg 8inch AGV Wheels Heavy Duty Industrial Omni Rubber Robotic Wheels



8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel 0

Modular Wheel Drives with load capacity up to 5000Kg

We delivery mobile drivetrain and motion solutions for construction, agriculture, material handling, and cleaning industry. ZHLUN wheeldrives are designed as a monoblock including motor, reducer and wheels in a all-in-one solution for a convenient and easy vehicles installation.


The simplest solution to move your AGVs. Two linear axis gearboxes combine two motors with integrated emergency brakes. Double wheel drives traction allows high transfer speeds.

8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel 1


The steering wheel is an integrated mechanical structure integrating drive motor, steering motor, planetary reducer, etc. It integrates product, walking, traction and steering functions, and can load and tow heavier goods. It can quickly deploy AGVs, mobile robots, etc. Perfectly meet the application requirements of AGV.

Direct drive solution with zero backlash. Four small wheel drives will allow your AGV to move and position itself perfectly where required.

it capable of releasing up to 1200Nm of torque in just 450mm track-width. Available with different wheel diameters and gear ratios, ZHLUN Serie stands as the new standard for the AGV market.

8 inch AGV AC Motor Drive Wheel 2


The system adopts the drive motor and steering motor with electromagnetic brake function, which can effectively prevent the platform from moving due to the power failure of the car body, which affects the disassembly and parking of the drum section on the car body platform, thereby improving the stability of the operation. and safety.


1 Installation height inch 10.23
2 Tread width inch 3.14
3 Wheel diameter inch 8
4 Wheel Speed ratio / 1:30/1:42/1:75/1:90
5 Speed m/min 20-200
6 Maximum load KG 1000
7 Traction motor W 100-2000
8 Steering motor W 100-400
9 Steering Speed ratio / 1:20/1:28/1:50
10 Motor Voltage V DC24/48 , AC220
11 Angle sensor / Optional
12 Walking encoder / Optional
13 Steering limit sensor / NPN/PNP
14 Brake Nm 6Nm 48V
15 Weight KG 40


Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd. founded 2018, we designs, manufactures and sells agv, driving wheel assembly, DC/AC motors, encoder, gear reducer, controller, caster wheel, PU wheel, motor in wheel units and all over the world.


ZHLUN motor drive wheel series wheel drives feature an integrated design that provides increased performance and reliability at an affordable price compared to traditional motor/gearbox/wheel combinations. As with all ZHLUN products, the ZL series wheel drives are customizable to meet specific application requirements.

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Each High-strength wheel hub and great-quality material ensure the series an excellent performance. ZHLUN motor drive wheel series Omni wheel also adapt to various indoor and outdoor occasions.It can be used in industry . install on the heavy duty omni moving platform to make the platform rotate to omni directions.And it mainly used in industry , workshop, AGV and so on . It can even used on stage show equipment .