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Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd.
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    Manufacturer,Trading Company

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    North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide

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    2 million-4.5 million

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    50% - 60%

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Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd. relies on technological innovation for development, and continues to provide users with satisfactory high-tech products. According to application needs, it has successfully developed a series of AGV steering wheels with different installation heights such as 400, 260, 230, 200, 170, 160, and 130. drive assembly, the load capacity of a single steering wheel ranges from 500kg to 10 tons, the traction force ranges from 200Kg to 10 tons, and the multi-steering wheel combination has a heaviest traction force of 100 tons.


The KIVA power system has also been affirmed by a large number of users; At the same time, the company is also unique in the field of heavy-duty handling, heavy-duty unmanned handling flatbed trucks, omnidirectional forklifts, and special assembly AGVs in special industries. AGV products have been widely used in many fields such as automobiles, metallurgy, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and military industries.


In the process of development, the company continuously communicates and cooperates with many domestic scientific research institutions, designs and produces, It already has a pivotal position in the automated logistics industry, leading the development of AGV-driven.

Our aim is to create value for customers with first-class product quality and superb technical service!


Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd. which established in 2018, is a company specializing in Motor drive wheel, intelligent robot and engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of automated guided vehicle (AGV),logistics car, unmanned chassis, intelligent assist vehicle, intelligent robot and related products.


It is a high-tech enterprise of rapid growth and steady development. With the development of automation and the country's more attention to the manufacturing industry, internet of things and robot technology, the company has quickly entered the intelligent robot industry focusing on AGV and motion platform with a keen sense of smell and awareness since 2016. We have made a great deal of achievements in the industry so far and obtained the title of high and new tech enterprises and a number of technical patents.


As early as the beginning of the company's establishment, it has obtained a number of national patents such as motor drive wheels and AGV.


ZHLUN continues to bring excellent products, technological innovation and ease of customizing to the automated equipment.The factory, is 1000 sq. feet, and employs 30 people. The company is certified to ISO9001. The core to TZBOT's growth is the constant dedication to the pursuit of full customer satisfaction. They have a strong presence in domestic and international markets, as well as, great production flexibility.​


We hope to cooperate with the personage of the various communities and work together to greet the coming of Industry 4.0 and create a bright future!


In order to meet the needs of the smart logistics market in the future, Wittenstein seizes market opportunities, gathers the advantages of senior experts and scholars in mechanical, electronic and servo motors in the field of mechanical and electrical integration in the industry, and forms a strong R&D, design, manufacturing and sales team.

Focus on the development of AGV differential drive wheel module.


With the help of the "integrated steering wheel system" developed by the company, the technical advantages of the steering wheel in the mobile robot application are more perfectly interpreted.


Create service depth with products and create efficiency value. ZHLUN steering wheel system has fully prepared for the use of the application side, creating the most convenient use conditions for customers. Each product has completed the parameter matching debugging and zero calibration of the steering wheel system before leaving the factory, and users do not need secondary debugging and zero calibration. , to achieve a convenient way of plug and play.

ZHLUN integrated steering wheel system technology is completely automatic and has obtained a number of patents.


The integration drive wheel module is an AGV drive wheel module designed by our company.


It has been deeply designed on the basis of the original steering wheel group. The reducer and the driving wheel are designed as a whole, and an external DC motor is added to become a highly integrated mechatronics AGV walking driving wheel assembly component. Its structure is simple, its performance is reliable, and it is easy to install and maintain. In an AGV of the same size, the space occupied by the walking driving wheels is reduced, the battery capacity is increased, and the endurance of the AGV is also increased correspondingly. This is the small size of our driving wheels.


At present, the AGV drive wheel set developed and designed by ZHLUN has one-way and omni-directional products. It is integrated with ZHLUN reducer products that have the advantages of compactness, high rigidity, and impact resistance, which realizes the compact effect of the integrated cycloid reducer in the drive wheel, and has a very wide and flexible selection of transmission ratios.

Provide customers with reliable solutions in terms of light weight, high load capacity, high torque, etc.

Our Team

Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd. which established in 2018, is a company specializing in Motor drive wheel, intelligent robot and engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of automated guided vehicle (AGV),logistics car, unmanned chassis, intelligent assist vehicle, intelligent robot and related products.


Guangzhou Wisdom Wheel Science Technology Ltd is specialized in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of racks. With the operation philosophy of specialty, devotion and high efficiency, we are devoted to the development of domestic logistics, helping enterprises get rid of a series of problems caused by storage to increase the use ratio of storage space and reduce second time transport to improve efficiency, coordinating with 5s activities to make full use of stock, reduce bad and waste materials and realize visualized management.

Till now, we have accomplished the design and installation of various storage racks of different types in China. Zhlun's products are produced by applying modern advanced technologies and equipment. Our products cover automated guided vehicles,automated storage warehouse racks,standard pallet racks, drive-in racks, double deep pallet racks, drive-in pallet racks, cantilever racks, rack mezzanines and die holders which all perfectly meet SEMA/European standards.

Zhlun people with their persistent efforts and spirit of "producing first class products and serving top grade clients" have safely and quickly built high quality modernized storage systems for various industries under different conditions. We will offer you the best!